WORKSHOP – Eastbourne library

20th Feb at Eastbourne library Chinese brush painting workshop 4-5pm

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WORKSHOP – War Memorial Library, Lower Hutt

18th Feb at Lower Hutt War Memorial library Chinese brush painting workshops, 2-4pm

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DEMOSTRATION – Chinese New Year, Wellington

17th Feb – 11am and 3pm demonstration of brush paintings at Michael Fowler Centre for Chinese New Year Festival.

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WORKSHOP – Mahara Gallery, Waikanae

10th Feb 11am at Mahara Gallery, Waikanae Chinese calligraphy and brush painting workshops.

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Stan’s Chinese Opera

Stan has many interests. One of them is Cantonese style Chinese Opera. Stan often practices in Wellington and have performed in Wellington, Auckland and Sydney, Australia. Pictures and updates of his performances will be updated here under this menu. Can you recognise him?

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